„Alivio” in Polish language means „relief”

…it is a word which comes from Spanish. We are a manufacturer of cosmetics produced under the brand Alivio.

Due to versatile possibilities of application our cosmetics are assigned to both household and professional use. We offer a wide range of products, starting from cooling and warming gels, protective vaseline to highly effective antibacterial products. To meet all expectations of our clients we constantly broaden our offer. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive prices.

Liquid Magnesium
Antibacterial Products
Sport Ice
Petroleum Jelly
Ice Gel
Hot Gel
  • Hand Cleaning Gel
    Gel cleanses the skin while moisturizing and smoothing it. It leaves...
  • Alivio Hot Gel
    ALIVIO HOT is a relaxing and warming massage preparation. It regenerates...
  • Alivio Menthol Gel
    ALIVIO MENTHOL is a highly effective relaxing and cooling massage preparation...
  • Sport Hot (aerosol)
    SPORT HOT is a preparation with relaxing and warming effect, recommended...
  • Alivio Aloe Gel
    ALIVIO ALOE is a highly effective relaxing and cooling preparation for...
  • SPORT ICE (Aerosol)
    Preparation is recommended for persons who practice sport actively and are...
  • Liquid Magnesium
    The product is a perfect alternative for magnesia in powder. It...
  • Petroleum Jelly
    Vaseline perfectly moistures the skin and protects against irritation and abrasion....